Our franchise consultant team is always glad to help answer any questions about franchising you may have. However, we have a list of frequently asked questions about franchising and their answers here for your convenience.

Please contact our franchise consultant team if any of your questions about franchising aren’t answered here:

Who is BizFranHub?

We are a franchise consultant company that helps entrepreneurs on all aspects of the franchise business. We help entrepreneurs develop, buy, or sell a franchise business opportunity.

In addition to franchise consulting we also help business owners sell their independent business.

What does it cost to work with BizFranHub?

There are no additional fees for entrepreneurs that we help find the right franchise opportunity. We get a percentage of the franchise fee. The franchisor determines the franchise fee, before they list the business opportunity.

Therefore, our franchise consulting services are generally free to those looking to buy a franchise business.

How does BizFranHub help someone buy a business?

First, we work to define and understand all of your goals and needs in order to build a success strategy.

Secondly, we help discover the franchise opportunity that best lines up with your goals and success strategy.

Once you select a franchise to buy we help you understand every aspect of the deal prior to closing. We help you research everything about the franchise including the FDD, the franchisor, and other franchisees, before you close.

Finally, we help you get ready for your grand opening.

Why should I use BizFranHub instead of going directly to the franchisor?

First of all, franchise fees are set, before franchisors are allowed to offer the franchise opportunity. Our fees are paid through the franchise fee, so it doesn’t cost anything extra to use our service.

This means our franchise consultant service doesn’t affect the price entrepreneurs pay to buy a franchise.

In addition, members of our franchise consultant team have been helping business owners for over 40 years. Our experience allows us to offer great service to clients looking to buy a franchise.

Why should someone use a franchise consultant?

Our team saves entrepreneurs a lot of time, money and aggravation during the search for the right franchise. An experienced franchise consultant has been through the process many times, so they help to avoid common mistakes. A franchise consultant service is basically free, because the franchise fees are set, when the franchise opportunity is listed.

How will BizFranHub save me money?

The most valuable thing any of us have is time and we save our clients hundreds of hours of research.

We help our clients save a lot of time researching franchise opportunities. We guarantee our franchise consultant team will save you money every step of the way.

Does it cost more to buy into a franchise business opportunity, if I am working with a franchise consultant?

We typically end up saving our clients money during the search and franchise buying process. The franchise fee is set, when a franchisor decides to offer the franchise opportunity. This makes our services essentially free. Factor in the extra business services that we provide and we save our client thousands of dollars every year.

Do you have a franchise consultant near me?

Our corporate office is in Chicago, but we have franchise consultant teams across the country. We also have a network of companies that we can recommend, should you need a local franchise consultant.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to see, if there is a franchise consultant near you.