Discover Your Franchise Future

Discover Your Franchise Future

At BizFranHub, our mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive insights into the vast array of franchise opportunities available. We are dedicated to filling the educational gaps left by traditional university curriculums by delivering expert guidance, funding resources, and ongoing support to navigate the franchising landscape effectively. Our goal is to be the key facilitator for informed decision-making, enabling individuals to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams through franchising.

“Jonathan was very professional in his presentation of franchise opportunities. His listening skills are top-notch and within a few weeks I had identified the franchise opportunity I was looking for. Great Job Jonathan!!”

“I would not be where I am today without Jonathan. He introduced me to a new opportunity that greatly blossomed for me. He is the most patient guy I know, walked me through every detail, answered every one of questions and offered solid counsel and advice. Jonathan is the man!”

About Jonathan Pace, CEO of BizFranHub

Who I Am

I'm Jonathan Pace, a franchise consultant, business ownership pro, and the founder of BizFranHub. With over a decade of experience in franchise development and a personal journey as an entrepreneur, I'm dedicated to helping individuals like you achieve financial freedom, one franchise at a time. As a father of two young children, I understand the importance of balancing priorities and am here to help you find the perfect franchise opportunity that fits your goals and lifestyle.

My Journey

After leaving AT&T over 9 years ago, where I honed my strategic and problem-solving skills through the Retail Management Development Program, I embarked on a mission to empower others to step into business ownership. I have since helped many former AT&T employees and countless others start their own successful franchise businesses.

How I Do It

We at BizFranHub take a personalized approach to franchise consulting. By understanding your background, education, finances, and lifestyle goals, we help you find a franchise opportunity that aligns with your interests and values. My goal is to guide you toward making an informed decision with confidence.

Why It Works

Finding the right franchise is about more than just matching you with any opportunity. I treat every search on an individual basis, conducting thorough investigations to uncover opportunities, including those less recognized but with great potential. I focus on building a strong relationship between you and the franchise system, offering insights beyond what is typically presented by franchises, which often emphasize the sale.

I recognize that not everyone is suited to be a franchisee, which is why your interests always come first in everything I do. Franchises offer a proven business model, but success comes from implementing it correctly. With my in-depth understanding of various financing options for new franchises, I'm here to assist you as needed.

How I Serve You

Are you daydreaming about creating an additional source of income or leaving your job for something more fulfilling? With my franchise matchmaking service, I connect you to the right opportunities, turning dreams into real business possibilities. Whether you're interested in a side venture or making a full-fledged leap into business ownership, we'll find the perfect franchise fit for your goals.

Results You Can Expect

Whether or not we end up working together, you will receive intelligent and practical advice to help you navigate the franchising industry. I collaborate with you to find opportunities tailored to your needs, enabling you to work for yourself but not by yourself. You will have the freedom to live the lifestyle of your dreams and work in a field that inspires you. Additionally, building equity in your company gives you the opportunity to sell it in the future.

Ready to Talk?

If you’re ready to explore how franchising can transform your career and lead you to the role of business owner, I'm here to help.


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