Selling Your Business

Are you thinking about selling your business? Trying to plan your exit strategy and want to plan on selling your business for a profit?

Our franchise consultant team perform like a real estate agent, when we are helping someone buy a business. However, we work much differently than a real estate agent, when we are helping you sell your business. A good real estate will tell everyone about your home, when they’re trying to sell it. A good franchise consultant will only tell the right people.

The best time to sell your business is when it is making money and running smoothly. Nothing causes a business to struggle faster than letting employees, customers, vendors, or competitors know you’re selling your business. Your customers, employees, and vendors will worry about the changes that will come with a new business owner. Competitors will use the news that you’re selling your business as a chance to tell everyone you’re struggling.

Your franchise consultant will advertise that your business is for sale in the right places, when the timing is right. However, our biggest advantage is our network of investors. We have connections with thousands of investors that we can contact discreetly, when we find a business that may interest them.

Our franchise consultant team requires potential buyers to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), before we reveal information about the business. We require the NDA, because it will protect your business should the deal not work out.

How to Sell a Small Business in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Deciding To Sell Your Busine
    Work on your exit strategy as soon as you open your business. It’s best to be ready to sell your business, because the decision to sell your business is often made out of necessity.
  2. Getting Your Business Prepared To Sell
    The biggest reasons why a business struggles to sell is due to the business not looking great from an investment standpoint. It’s important to keep your financials in order and keep an eye on your bottom line at all times, because a buyer is only interested in the facts. Our franchise consultant team prepare businesses to sell before they ever hit the market.
  3. Set Your Asking Price
    Our franchise consultant team are experts in business valuations and they get the asking price right. Our franchise consultant teams knows that it’s critical to get the asking price right. It’s important to get the price right, because you don’t want to leave money on the table or limit interest from buyers.
  4. Advertise That You’re Selling Your Business
    It’s important to market the right way to avoid hurting your business during the selling process. Our marketing team knows where to go and how to approach qualified buyers. We market your business directly to many qualified buyers before we list your business on any websites.
  5. Negotiating The Sale Of Your Business
    Few businesses sell for the asking price without some sort of negotiating process. Serious negotiation means that your business is at the right price. Our franchise consultant team’s experience will insure you’re not leaving money on the table.
  6. Closing The Sale
    Our franchise consultant team insure the closing process in as an efficient and hassle-free as possible.

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