Why Buy a Franchise?

All of us here at BizFranHub understand the decision to buy a franchise business is never an easy one. There are no guarantees in the business and every business opportunity has a certain level of risk associated with it.

Many people would prefer to be their own boss, or have an opportunity to build something beyond a paycheck. However, many people decide against going into business for themselves, because of the risk involved. In fact, most small businesses fail within the first five years of opening their doors.

The idea to buy a franchise becomes a lot more enticing because the success rate is typically much higher.

Being able to buy into a franchise opportunity has encouraged more people to take on the challenge of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs like franchise opportunities, because they tend to level the playing the field a little bit.


The 9 Best Reasons to Buy a Franchise Business:

Proven track record

Most businesses that offer a franchise opportunity have a long track record of success. The federal government also requires franchisors to disclose nearly everything about their business in a 50 page financial disclosure document (FDD).

The FDD enables people to do their due diligence and verify the history of the franchise, before they make the final decision to buy a franchise business.

Brand name

One of the hardest things that any new business has to deal with is getting known and trusted by their target audience. Buying into a franchise with a strong brand name can help business owners immediately, because customers already know what to expect.

Success training

There are a ton of great franchisors that take training their franchisees and the franchisee’s employees very seriously. Some franchisors offer on-going training both through their corporate headquarters and at your actual franchise location.

Typically, franchisors also provide a training manual, online information and other reference materials. These tools can be used to walk you through practically any situation that you may find yourself in.

Franchisee support

Franchisors usually provide a ton of operational support. The best franchisors have highly experienced and very dedicated individuals ready to provide assistance any time the need arises.

Good franchisors enable you to go into business for yourself without going into business by yourself.

Franchisors have a vested interest in their franchisees and most will go to great lengths to insure that their franchisees have every chance of being successful.

Marketing help

Franchisors have been advertising their business for years, before you ever had the opportunity to buy your franchise. These franchisors have been through the fire of trial and error, so you don’t have to go through it.

Any quality franchisor will be able to provide you with marketing assistance and proven methods of attracting customers. Usually, the franchisors help you develop and implement your marketing budgets and plans, before your grand opening. However, this assistant continues as long as you are operating the business.

Location, location location

Most franchises that have a site-driven business also have staff with extensive experience in finding the right location to open a franchise. These experts help with everything from determining the optimal location for your business to negotiating the best possible deal for the site. This aspect of working with a franchise business is often over looked, but few things are as critical to finding success as the location of the business.

Building the business

Franchise companies tend to have a uniform design and layout to every aspect of their business.

Most franchisors have experts on staff that help the new franchise owner through every step of the construction process. This makes it easy to find the right mix of equipment, furniture and space to maximize return on investment.

Franchisors have the experience and skill to make sure you hire the right contractors and take the right steps to open your business in as a legal, cost effective, and hassle-free manner as possible.

Reduce supply cost

Franchise companies have purchasing power that most small businesses don’t have, because they use the strength of their entire operation to negotiate prices for the supplies their franchisees will need to be successful. Franchises typically pay a lot less for supplies, inventory, uniforms and anything else than a typical business will need on a day-to-day basis.

Long-term growth potential

Almost one in four franchise consultant clients that buy a franchise look to buy another one with a couple years. Our consultant team does a great job of helping our clients run successful businesses, after helping them buy a franchise that fits their situation.

The success that we help our clients obtain tends to encourage them to expand their business into multiple franchise units. Our franchise consultant team provides a lot of tools and support to help people succeed through franchising.

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