Why Use a Franchise Consultant?

At BizFranHub, we take our roles as franchise consultants seriously. Our franchise consultant’s role isn’t to convince anyone to buy into a franchise or new business opportunity. First our franchise consultants are tasked with helping entrepreneurs that want to buy a franchise make the best choice. In the event an entrepreneur selects a franchise to buy our role shifts to helping our client avoid common mistakes. Our franchise consultants use our connections in addition to our combined experience as CPAs and business owners to offer our clients an unmatched service.

Everyone that we work with wants to start a business, whether they are experienced entrepreneurs or first-time business owners. Our role is to be a guide down the path toward entrepreneurship and to answer all the questions along the way. Generally speaking, we help people determine what their financial qualifications are and go from there.


  1. Help you determine your financial qualification.
  2. Discern with you what lifestyle goals you want to maintain while owning a franchise business.
  3. Layout a financial plan with you that clearly define long-term financial goals that you want to meet through your franchising.
  4. Work with you to determine the type of franchise and franchisor that best fits your business personality.
  5. Explain and help you understand all the many advantages and disadvantages of owning your own franchise business.
  6. Recommend franchises that fit your business personality, financial goals, lifestyle, and family needs.
  7. Help you research all the facts and figures about any franchise business opportunities that you’re looking into.
  8. Guide you through every step of the discovery process to insure the proper due diligence is performed, before making an educated decision on proceeding with the purchase of a franchise unit.
  9. Perform a cost to benefit analysis of any potential franchise you may purchase.
  10. Walk with you step by step through the purchase process.

All of us at BizFranHub fully understand that the decision to open a franchise business or new business isn’t an easy one to make. Our franchise consultants actually help a lot of people determine that business ownership may not be for them. Whatever your final decision is be assured that our franchise consultants will be more than happy to help you reach it.

Our goal isn’t to simply sell you a franchise to collect a fee, because we want to develop long-term business relationships that are based off of mutual success.

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